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Each month we offer one (and only one) house for sale on Sanibel Island, written from the owner's perspective. Whereas there are many other Sanibel homes for sale, the property showcased here is special for many reasons. We select a Sanibel house based on quality, layout, style, distinctiveness, and of course price. This month's featured Sanibel home meets all our criteria, and then some.

Beautiful Gulf Access Property on Sanibel Island: Drastically Reduced For Immediate Sale: $599,000.00

Sanibel Home For Sale

You can start at one end of Sanibel Island and travel to the far tip, checking every property for sale along the way. We absolutely guarantee you WILL NOT find a better house for sale on Sanibel Island for anywhere near this price.

Why? The owners just purchased a larger property on Sanibel. The original asking price has been drastically lowered to move the property quickly.

Boating, Fishing, and Private Access

This immaculate 1,844 sq ft canalfront home (4,354 total sq ft) is a boater's dream. From your private dock, head out to Pine Island Sound or the Gulf of Mexico for world-class fishing & cruising. A bright, tastefully-decorated home with screened-in heated pool, outdoor hot tub, Mexican tiled floors, and nine-foot ceilings awaits your return.

Is This YOUR Sanibel Home?

This website was set up for one purpose: To offer this fantastic Sanibel home to the right buyer. Is it YOU? Make an offer now! Your opportunity to buy this beautiful Sanibel Island home will soon be GONE. Read on...

Beautiful Home For Sale on Sanibel Island
Central Location, Private Feeling

Central Location, Private Feeling

Surrounded on all sides by lush growth, yet open enough to feel warm and connected, this Sanibel Island property strikes an excellent balance between easy access and privacy. A trip to town for groceries and supplies is a matter of minutes up Sanibel-Captiva Road. With two-port garage & electric door openers, three-way interior access, and 360° turnaround, coming home is always a pleasant experience.

Space to Do What You Want

Like Goldilock's porridge, this .367 acre property is "just right" — not too big (saves money on taxes), not too small (no feeling of confinement). Lower-level storage adjacent to the back means there's plenty of room to store those endless odds and ends. You'll note in these photos that this home is free of clutter, yet everything one needs is accessible and within easy reach.

A Sanibel home means comfort, security, and a casual indoor/outdoor lifestyle. From the upper level outdoor hot tub to the fully-screened Lanai on the side to all points on the property, everything has been immaculately cared for.

Canalside Gulf Access

With one hundred feet of direct access water frontage, there's plenty of room for comfort. The skid-resistant deck area has electric & water hookups and the private dock is well-constructed and weather resistant. There's enough room to dock a large boat or two smaller boats (the owner presently has a 27-ft twin-engine craft docked here). Visitors to the dock area include dolphins, graceful blue herons, raccoons, and colorful, exotic birds of all species. You'll even see manatees at certain times of the year as they travel the inland routes along tidal waterways.

Balanced Sun and Shade

We've seen other Sanibel properties which were very nice homes, but completely secluded from the sun. Conversely, we've seen gorgeous Sanibel houses that were utterly exposed without shade. In a sub-tropical climate like Sanibel Island, a good sun & shade balance is important, not just for health reasons but also because of air-conditioning costs, water and sun damage, and other factors. Unlike most other Sanibel homes on the market, this property strikes a nearly perfect sun-shade balance.

Canalside Gulf Access, Balanced Sun and Shade
Welcome to Comfort and Efficiency, Balanced Architecture and Lighting

Welcome to Comfort and Efficiency

With kitchen, dining area, and living room all directly adjacent, the feeling inside is warm and comfortable, yet open and free. There are no air circulation or poor lighting issues here — everything you might need is within easy reach, and there's plenty of comfortable seating.

Balanced Architecture and Lighting

This shot is from the front door showing the scene that presents itself when you walk in. The designers wanted to produce a dwelling projecting a strong sense of freedom and connection with the outside, yet one that conveyed personality and character. This design succeeded admirably on all counts. You'll never feel confined or restricted here.

The dining room window offers a splendid view of the dockside area, and the window over the kitchen sink overlooks the entire back yard. Both allow the early rays of the morning sun to flood the room(s) with light and coziness. To the right are two sets of sliding glass doors opening up to the screened-in lanai, with enough room to comfortably entertain a dozen visitors.

Custom Kitchen, Comfortable Dining

Not long ago one visitor said: "I wish everything was so easy to reach at my house!" We can easily relate to her wish, because we have never found an easier kitchen in which to prepare and serve a meal than this one.

Beautifully-finished custom cabinets with internal ball-bearing lazy-susan storage units are all within arm's reach. The world-class stove and oven are built directly into the island. The refrigerator, all major appliances, and even the built-in dishwasher is no more than two steps away.

The adjacent dining room table and the kitchen island offers direct, immediate, and comfortable seating for no less than 12 people! If you need more space, you've got it!

And, rest assured that no one will ever eat their meal in the dark. The entire area has been strategically positioned such that there is always a natural light source, with plenty of direct, adjustable overhead and side-lighting as needed. "Bright, friendly, and happy" all describe the mealtime zone, and everyone who comes here loves it.

Custom Kitchen, Comfortable Dining
Living Room: Room for Living, Plush, Cozy, Functional Furnishings

Living Room: Room for Living

One interesting consequence of an open floor plan is the ability to adjust furnishings to create natural zones of comfort. The living room and office area are great examples of this. We've had both friends and family simultaneously visit, without one disrupting the other, simply by virtue of each being able to gravitate to their own comfort zones

Again, natural lighting affords a strong sense of well-being. There are no dark, dreary corners, and every place is connected to every other place in a comfortable, natural fashion. This room has seen everything from hectic family gatherings to large business meetings and nearly everyone who visits has something good to say about it.

Plush, Cozy, Functional Furnishings

Both couches (with custom oversize pillows) are extremely comfortable and in near-new condition. The glass coffee table is a perfect compliment to the seating, and the entertainment center contains television, stereo, VHS and DVD players. Two sections are glassed in to allow direct remote control while keeping everything closed and secure.

Comfort Indoors — and Outdoors

The fully-screened porch (also called a "lanai") is an elegant veranda offering privacy, comfort, a stunning view of the surrounding wildlife and natural growth, and a wonderful place to relax.

The wicker furniture is all cushioned and supremely comfortable, yet durable and easy to maintain. The glass tables are attractive and functional. The overhead fan keeps things cool even in the strongest heat. The outdoor gas cooker is fully protected from the elements and is conveniently accessible through a separate sliding screen door. The lanai is a natural gathering place for family dinners, casual cocktails, or just a great place to unwind and let the tension flow out after a long day.

Emergency Generator

One of the realities of living in Florida is that bad weather can come suddenly, and falling limbs can disrupt power lines without warning. Fortunately, you have your own emergency generator to keep things running until power is restored. Covered and in a well-ventilated yet accessible area, it's used rarely, but it's sure great to have when needed.

Comfort Indoors and Outdoors, Emergency Generator
Professional Office, and a Pleasant Surprise!

Professional Office

Who among us doesn't need a place to work quietly, without interruption? This fully-equipped professional office is a perfect place to conduct business. Make telephone calls, have meetings, or just catch up on your monthly bills.

The office presently contains a large office desk (at bottom left off camera) and a personal office area in the far corner, with under-cabinet spots and plenty of storage shelves and cabinets, with multiple power outlets in strategic locations. The master desk offers a great view of the front of the property. A whisper-quiet overhead fan is ready to activate via thermostatic control.

And — a Pleasant Surprise!

On the far wall there appears to be a tall set of cabinets, undoubtedly used for storage, right? Guess again — those doors swing open wide to reveal a full sized, drop-down Murphy bed! If you have overnight guests and there's a bedroom shortage, there's no need to drag out cots or sleeping bags. Your guests can sleep in comfort and style. When they awake, the bed easily swings up and closes out of sight.

Master Bedroom

A spacious master bedroom with adjacent master bath and lavish shower for two, opens to a private deck with hot tub for soaking under the stars. Again, strategically-located windows provide excellent natural light with few shadows. The plush carpet is well cared for and all fixtures and furnishings are in impeccable condition.

The king bed is supremely comfortable, with lots of room on all sides for special furnishings. The efficient overhead fan keeps the air moving comfortably and quietly, while the air conditioning vents are all strategically located to provide uniform cooling with no hot spots.

Your Own Intimate Domain

Located at the far wing of the home for ultimate privacy, the master bedroom includes dressing table, accessory seating, cable television, and a massive walk-in closet for storing more than seems possible. The heavy sliding doors disappear silently and effortlessly into the wall for exceptional floor-space efficiency. The views are sumptuous, the decor is simple and tasteful, and the style is pure Sanibel.

Master Bedroom, Your Own Intimate Domain
Master Bathroom, Hot Tub!

Master Bathroom

It starts with a full-sized walk-in tiled shower, big enough for two. Both the bathroom windows and the veranda door allow lots of natural light to pour in. The row of high-intensity overhead lamps are perfect for putting on makeup. "His and Hers" sinks help keep harmony in the household. Ample cabinet storage keep counter tops clear and make clutter a thing of the past.

The master bathroom is adjacent to the massive walk-in closet, which doubles as a dressing room. All surfaces are stain-resistant and easy to clean. Elegant tile flooring keeps housework simple, and there are plenty of racks, shelves, and hangers for all your belongings.

Hot Tub!

As you pass the master bathroom, take a few more steps, open the door, and you're on the screened veranda looking down at your own private hot tub. Lift back the weather covers, pick up your wineglass, and step into relaxation. The hot tub is particularly nice at night, when you can see the stars and listen to the quiet, natural sounds of Sanibel surrounding you.

2nd Bedroom

Not as large as the master bedroom but nevertheless still spacious, the 2nd bedroom is perfect for kids or household guests. The double-hung windows make this one of the most well-lighted and cheerful rooms in the house.

The classic Sanibel wicker furniture is durable, attractive, and easy to clean. The queen bed is comfortable and well maintained. Attractive nightstands make bedtime convenient and comfortable. A quiet variable-speed overhead fan with combination light keeps the air flow comfortable, even with the door closed.

Closet access is through two oversized sliding glass mirrored doors. There is plenty of space for an entire wardrobe, suitcases, or whatever is needed (there is also under-bed storage space).

Utility Closet

If you look closely past the upright dresser, you'll see a door which provides access to the upstairs utility closet. This unobtrusive area contains the hot water heater and other equipment, providing easy and convenient access for servicing and periodic maintenance.

2nd Bedroom, Utility Closet
2nd Bathroom

2nd Bathroom

Most 2nd bathrooms aren't nearly as well-equipped as the master bathroom, but this one is. Located directly across the hall from the 2nd bedroom, the 2nd bathroom offers your kids or guests privacy and comfort.

This bathroom features a combination bath and shower, and tile floors for easy water cleanup. There is an ample closet for towel and linen storage, as well as household cleaning equipment and other appliances. A large mirror and sink vanity give plenty of room for two. A row of high-intensity dressing lamps make it easy to see, and an overhead exhaust fan insures there will be no moisture build-up in the room.

How many times have you carried laundry up and down stairs? No longer — the 2nd bathroom also contains a closed-door area where the clothes washer and dryer live. This not only makes life simple when it's time to fold and put away towels, sheets, and other linens, but also saves steps and time.

No bathroom is perfect, but for sheer versatility, user-friendliness, and utility, this one is hard to beat...

Guest Quarters

Sanibel Island is a Mecca for visitors and no Sanibel home is complete without guest quarters. Aside from its proximity to the pool, spaciousness, and easy access, the best thing about this area is that it's a FUN place to be.

Up to six (6) people can be directly accommodated in complete comfort via the queen-sized bed, twin bunk beds, and pull-out bed in the couch. A dedicated walk-in closet provides ample storage space. A separate bathroom is attached with full stand-up shower.

The guest quarters offer two full-sized dressers and mirror, cable television, air-conditioning unit, overhead fan with built-in light, sliding glass doors out to the pool area, and plenty of room to just knock around. If your guests get loud, well — you'll barely hear them, as they're in a separate part of the house.

This area has direct access to both the upstairs and the garage area via the adjacent enclosed stairwell (featuring heavy-duty grab rails and extra lighting for added safety). A sliding door can also close off the guest quarters from the upstairs completely if desired.

Guest Quarters
Hot Tub! Good Times, Good Health

Hot Tub! Good Times, Good Health

The hot tub (shown with cover partially retracted) is on its own veranda. Rather than go on at length about the hot tub, we'll let someone who wrote about it share their thoughts:

"I've got to admit your hot tub takes the prize for comfort. Instead of a boxy, hard-shelled affair, yours is smooth as silk, easy to get in & out, but it's especially easy to get comfortable. You can either sit on one of the raised seats or directly on the floor and lean back. Or, you can actually stretch out and be supported in all the right places. Wonderful! I've had lower back issues for years and your jets are placed in exactly the right spots to give my back a fabulous treatment. I always felt better afterward and I do miss it, especially after dark with the stars overhead. Your "Sanibel hot tub" is on my list for next year's upgrades."

A convenient remote control provides simple water flow adjustment, setting the temperature, and powering the unit on and off. The pump, heater, and all related systems are directly below the tub at ground level, in a sheltered area for easy service and maintenance.

Private Heated Pool

Wait a minute, why would anyone living in Sanibel want a heated pool? Well, the fact is that temperatures can fall below comfort levels, even in a sub-tropical climate like Sanibel's. Of course, for most of the year the water is perfectly temperate and doesn't require heating, but nighttime temperatures in Sanibel from November to February can vary quite a bit. So, it's nice to know your swim party plans will never be upset by cold water.

Plus, the surrounding concrete has been professionally roughed to offer a secure anti-slip surface (look closely at the photo to see the scouring). Fact is, there's no point in having a pool at all if you and your guests can't use it without risk of serious injury.

So make no mistake — this pool is safe, attractive, and economical. The 7-foot deep end means safe diving for all. It's easy to keep clean and a comes with a complete set of equipment. The pump and heater are located around the side of the house in a noise-shielded area. A convenient self-retracting fresh water hose is mounted on the wall to keep the pool area pristine clean.

Private Heated Pool
Senior Citizen and Handicap-Friendly

Senior Citizen and Handicap-Friendly

How many times have you had to contend with senior or handicap-access issues? Fortunately, egress is as easy as it gets — level ground, no steps to walk up, direct entry to a private living area (with elongated, handicap toilet suitable for seniors) within just a few steps of the side driveway.

There's even room for visitors to park their vehicles away from the front of the house. The entire side area is secluded from prying eyes by mature Banyan trees, lush vegetation, and a host of exotic, native species. It's a beautiful, private, personal nook.

Your Private Morning

Speaking of breakfast, the pool patio is the perfect place to embrace the new day. With sub-tropical temperatures in the pure comfort zone, the sun rises slowly over the dock as you soak in the first rays with a fresh cup of coffee and a morning paper. You'll see turtles, pelicans, the occasional raccoon, and more species of birds than you can count, all of whom will pay brief visits as they begin their forages. Fish will start to jump as the tide turns — and the day begins, in peace and quiet comfort.

Wonderful Dockside Patio Memories

We've lost count of the times we've had our friends and neighbors over to visit, and very often we end up migrating to the dockside area, just because it's so comfortable. And there's so much to see! There are exotic birds nesting in the trees on either side and just across the water. Manatees occasionally come to visit and they're just a few steps down the dock walk. Even dolphins sometimes pay us a call.

If the weather turns or we decide to get some shade, we can walk on a secure, scoured stone walkway. These stones have a textured, porous surface for excellent traction, we never slip if it gets wet and the kids never fall. The patio is made of the same stones and they are wonderful.

The trees are all mature and have been well cared for. There are bromeliads and other tropical plants located in and around the back yard. There's both power and water to the dock area and special outdoor lights to brighten the area after sunset. There are also solar-powered lights along the walkway to guide the way even in pitch blackness.

Wonderful Dockside Patio Memories
Your Own Private Boat Launch

Your Own Private Boat Launch

Cleaning a boat hull and motor(s) under saltwater conditions can be a big chore, especially if you have no easy means of removing the boat from the water. Boat hoists are helpful, but you must still struggle to get around all sides of the boat. We see people do it every day. Sometimes they appear to be hanging on for dear life as they scrub... and scrub. But, pulling your boat out of the water on its trailer lets you power-wash the boat at leisure on level ground, in comfort and safety.

Unlike your neighbors, you'll never end up sitting in a queue waiting for your turn at the public launch (several miles away!). Did you know that Sanibel Island has a unique status as a nature preserve? Did you know there are many rules and regulations governing new development? This is particularly true in cases where any sort of waterfront modifications are concerned.

As a result, it's nearly impossible to get a permit to build a rock-base boat launch on Sanibel. You'll immediately note that almost no one else has one.

But you do... : )

Your Private Dock

When we started this description of our Sanibel home for sale, we said this was a boater's dream — and it is. There is nothing quite like the freedom of having your own private water access. The present owner brought his 27-foot boat here wondering whether its large size would hinder easy navigation of the canals and back waters. In fact, it's just about perfect.

The dock is versatile and your boat can be oriented in any of several ways. The deck gangplank (included) has grab rails on both sides. Depending on the type of boat, you can board from the side or the rear. We took a handicapped senior citizen on and off the boat regularly with no problems at all. It's a safe, sturdy way to get aboard, plus account for changing water levels as the tides come in and out.

Important Note: Some boat owners might like a boat hoist and/or a longer dock. Your dock can be expanded via existing pre-approved permits on file with the Town of Sanibel. Note that it's not easy to obtain such permits, due to the strict environmental regulations that come with living in a nature preserve.

Your Private Dock
Head On Out and Discover Sanibel

Head On Out and Discover Sanibel

As we head away from the dock, we enter a unique realm where humans coexist with a nature preserve. The ride out to Pine Island Sound is always interesting, never quite the same twice. Colorful birds of all species nest in the adjacent trees, there are even Bald Eagles overhead!

With its sub-tropical climate, visitors and Sanibel residents enjoy the outdoors and sunshine all year long. But you're not restricted to just boating. Play a round of golf on the challenging scenic courses, or try a set of tennis, go bike riding on the miles of bike paths, or walk the beautiful beaches for shells.

Sanibel appears prominently in several pirate tales. According to folklore, Black Caesar came to the Gulf of Mexico during the War of 1812 to avoid interference from the British. In the Gulf he became friends with Gasparilla, who allowed him to set up on Sanibel Island. Eventually the old Spaniard discovered Caesar had been stealing from him and chased him off, but not before his loot had been buried somewhere in this area. It hasn't been found so far. Who knows — you might get lucky...

Welcome to the Gulf of Mexico

As you leave Pine Island Sound behind, head through Redfish Pass between Sanibel and Captiva Islands, and venture out into the Gulf, you enter another world. Whether you're here for an hour, a day, or a week, every journey is a unique experience — and there's never any shortage of things to do, or places to go.

Perhaps you already know this is one of the most productive fishing and aquatic wildlife regions in the country, or that every time you venture out here, there's a whole new adventure waiting. Perhaps you even know that the people who live here would never even consider living anywhere else — because when you've got the best there is, why would you want to leave?

Easy Access Equals Precious Time

There are so-called "water access" properties available in Cape Coral and nearby areas costing far more than our Sanibel home, yet it takes over an hour and a half just to get to the Gulf! That's due to all the causeways, bridges, and other obstructions. Our attitude is: The heck with that! Let's take our time and enjoy the beautiful, easy ride home.

Welcome to the Gulf of Mexico
Feels Like Coming Home Again

Feels Like Coming Home Again

There is nothing in the world quite so satisfying as the feeling of arriving back home in Sanibel, especially when virtually everything one could ever want is right there waiting for you. Some of the best years of our lives have been spent here, and we know that the same thing will happen to you. The enchantment isn't just likely — it's a certainty.

But as much as we enjoy looking back, looking forward is even more important. One must not only regard a home as a sanctuary, but also as an investment of both time and money. You must feel good about it, otherwise what's the point? The best way to achieve that feeling is to know that you're in the right place, at the right time.

And when the price is right, it can actually happen. We sincerely hope it will happen for YOU!

Seen Enough?

If so, then please — Make an offer now! It took a long time to get up the courage to offer our beautiful Sanibel home for sale. Don't make us wait any longer.

Offered exclusively by our good friends
Robert Coscia & Sandy Ramseth, Realtors
Robert Coscia & Sandy Ramseth, Realtors
SanCap One Source Realty
695 Tarpon Bay Road, Suite 14
Sanibel, FL 33957  239-472-3334

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